Problem regarding learning the basic animation tutorial

Hi everybody,
I am new to Synfig studio & the forum. Just today I started to get acquainted with the Synfig studio. I was going through the manual & practicing. In chapter 2 ‘Animation basics’, I did as instructed but things are not working out. In section 2.2, it says ‘you can now jump to the first second, and move the red circle to the right’; but the red circle in my canvas does not move as said. I closed & repeated for 4 times. But it doesn’t happen. Could someone help?
Thanks & regards.

Please verify that you’re in animation mode.

Hello G,
Thanks for comming.
By ‘animation mode’ if you are refering to pressing the button with the green man on it, to ‘turn on animate editing mode’; I have done it. I suppose I am in animation mode. The button with green man has turned red and a red rectangle outline has appeared on the canvas.
But the green dots that are mentioned in the manual i.e. ‘If you switch back to Params Panel, and look at the Timetrack Panel you’ll notice a three green dots appeared on the right of “Origin” parameter’, have not appeared in my Params Panel.
Please let me know if there is anything else that I have to do, to enter into animation mode.

Thanks & regards.

Those green dots (waypoints) appears when you modify something on an existing layer and only if you’re in animation mode. Just create a layer won’t produce any waypoint.

Thanks G,
That solved my problem. The thing to take note for others like me here is that; for animation to take place, one should follow these steps,

  1. Firstly fix the [in layman/day to day terms] instant on the time line [slider].
  2. Secondly place your object in the position you want it to take at the above instant of time.
  3. Then thirdly add a keyframe, by pressing the + button in the Params panel.

By this the program will know when to bring the object where. Thats it.
Thank you G, thanks again.