problem of pixelation

Hi everyone,

First, may you excuse me for my english. :blush:

I have start my learnig of synfig studio the last week, and I have all the time the same problem. As I create something or I do the encoding of the video, the result orf the work is pixelead.

However, I choose the best quality (9) and I ancod the video in 1080p …

I do not see anyone with the same problem in the web and I can see bautiful video on youtube without pixelead.

Please help me !

“9 is lowest quality but renders faster.” Synfig Wiki / Render Dialog
So for high quality, you should choose quality = 1

Then depending of the output target, you have also parameters to set, for example if you choose ffmpeg has target, you can parameter the video bitrate (4000 should be something pixel less… )

For more informations try, “video bitrate fullhd” in your favorite web scroller.

It workt !! thank you so much !