preview and render not there

using synfig studio 0.61.09 , on a custom slax.

i cant seem to preview, render, export or any of those kinda useful things in an animation package.

am i having a migraine or mental breakdown or something? or does the tutorial completely not match up with my software? … pshot1.png

tutorial says its as simple as menu, file, preview… so i go to file, but see no preview.

??? is my synfigstudio broken? or is the tutorial? or me?

Hi Digit.
You should have some other windows open when you start Synfig as well as just the main toolbox dialog. If you can find the main canvas, there is a button marked “>”. Clicking on this will reveal the menu with the file, render and preview.


ah. i see now. thnx. much better. :slight_smile: