Pressure sensitivity working?


Just upgraded to the 0.61.07 Ubuntu Gutsy build (courtesy of dooglus, if I remember correctly - thanks). Is pressure sensitivity working in that one? It doesn’t seem to be for me, but I wasn’t sure if perhaps I have some setting or other wrong. I do have pressure width checked for the draw tool.

Thanks for any help and my apologies if I missed some obvious post about this elsewhere.


FWIW - I can’t speak for Linux, but it certainly works under Windows.

Hi muhkayoh,
by defect the external input devices are disabled. Go to File->Input Devices… and set the stylus enabled. You’ll obtain pressure sensitivity. Unfortunately that state is not remembered so next time you run studio same steps must be done. This is a known bug and need fixing.


Thanks for the replies, guys. And manually enabling did it. Don’t know why I didn’t think to look there - duh!