Praghe's Synfig meeting

About two months I decide to make a trip to Praghe during the small holidays I have in December. Then I remembered that one time it was commented in the forum our nationality and the place where we live. Since I discovered that dooglus lives in Praghe I did all the possible to have a meeting with him.

Finally the meeting was done!
We agreed by SMS the place (under the astronomical clock of the old town city hall) and the time. But there was a problem we did not know each others. Maybe I could recognize him by its avatar but he didn’t know how I look. :confused: To solve that, we agreed to have a old fashion style meeting: I’ll bring a hard copy of Synfig logo with me, so he will recognize me easily. I prepared it before I started the trip and I kept it carefully in my luggage until the precise moment.

Then it was the meeting. A tall thin man long hair and slow steps was approaching to me… He was carrying a glass of hot wine (usual drink for Praghe¡s people those cold days). A beautiful woman was walking with him. We presented us (me and my girlfriend to him and his girlfriend) and agreed to go to have dinner in a near restaurant.

Beyond the efforts from my side to speak understandable English, his understanding to my spanglish and my efforts to understand him, the conversation was fluid and interesting.

We talked about how he discovered synfig (he said he did not remember :smiley:), about the amount of new people that is joining to the chat, and about the site, wiki and forum support. We agreed that if for any reason the wiki is out of order, always can be restored due to the whole wiki is under svn, so a whole copy can be retrieved (this need discussion if I’m wrong). Also the C++ code is safe due to the amount of people that have a current copy of the last code.

We were also talking about some new ideas on synfig development. For example, I proposed him a new layer that would so something similar to Wrap but with mirrored copies on each side. It will allow an easy way to create repeated textures.

Then it comes the effects of the beer… I cannot remember more than talking about climate change, the similarities or differences from how countries celebrate the Christmas or if driving in Czech Republic with alcohol in blood is punished under severe penalties…

My girlfriend and I were very happy to meet him and his girlfriend. They are excellent persons.

They come with us as far as they could and then we said goodbye. We gave us a big hug and I said: “Keep working, we need you”. And he said: “On Synfig!”

Great! That is lovely, I wish I could be there too (the beer looks good), thank you Genete for reporting for us! :smiley:

Oh no, so now you bribed Dooglus to add the features you want!
Heheh, just kinding :wink:

That’s alway nice when people can meet, thank you for the report, Genete :slight_smile: