Possible to reuse animation?

  1. If I created some shapes and enscapsulate them together, is it possible to export them to a “movie clip” like thing in flash?

  2. If I created some shapes, is it possible to copy them to another synfig file?

Thank you very much.

  1. Yes, after encapsulate go to the canvas parameter, right click and select export. Give a name. Then in the canvas panel double click the exported canvas, you can render it to a independent movie clip.
  2. Just try it. Select layers, copy layers and go to other opened file and paste layers. That’s all

thank you very much, it is very useful :slight_smile:

wow, just try it, it works so well! thanks

another question: how to make the two canvases play in two different start frame?

e.g. the movie clip has 10 frames, one of them start to play at frame 0, the other one play at frame 5.

I try to change frame offset, but if I change one of the offset, both canvases change together, why?

When you say “frame offset” what are you referring to exactly?