POR-1a teaser/test

Teaser animation from full project to test resolution, motion blur, effects and wide screen format.

This is a project to create an animated music video about 3 mins 30 seconds in length and produce it at DVD Widescreen quality in PAL format.

Some problems to iron out with scale and screen format before I can carry on animating.

Here’s a one of the test rushes converted to a small Flash Video for assessment.

You tube link below.


Any comments or critique appreciated.


Looks very good! I guess the blur effect is part of the idea of the music video but I want to ask one thing: are you using composite blend method at the blur layer or using Straight? Composite produces bad results for wide blurs and straight is the right blend method to use. Unfortunately there is a bug in the blend method parameter that makes impossible to change the blend method to straight using the drop down menu of the parameter. Please check this thread to fix it until we find a solution for that bug.
Good luck for the project!

Thanks for the tip Genete…

…only a motion blur applied in Synfig at the moment and I’ve set that to affect the whole canvas. I’m pretty sure it is composite (GREEN CIRCLE) but I’ll check the effects of using straight (I didn’t think to try that) and render the tests again.

The other blur is applied in post to try and achieve an angled lens effect where large sections of the entire frame is out of focus - still playing with that one :slight_smile:

Hi, Morn. I’m waiting for your video…

Hi Rafael,

I’ve still got a lot of work to do yet so it may be a while. I’ve been working on backgrounds and some masking techniques to get the look that I want and the animation is proving difficult. I’m brand new at animation so getting the characters to move naturally is difficult for me.