Polar Detective - Trailer + Updates

All your cookies are belong to Eugene!


Good luck with the project!

Fun - I like it!

Update! Another WIP video.


(Note: Vimeo’s still converting, so try 20 minutes after I’ve posted this message)

Here’s my experience:

  1. Sound support… obviously, though no use crying over spilled milk. Does anyone have experience with HTML5 / Javascript? I know it’s possible to make a Pencil-like animation app in HTML5 (though no one has ever tried), but would it support sound-scrobbling support?
  2. As much as many animators like me have been crying since the dawn of time about a decent Camera support, after working with this project I’ve realized that Synfig doesn’t even need any! Hell no, we’ve got tools right here, below our very noses and they work excellently! :mrgreen: What I’m talking about is simply placing Transform / Rotate / Zoom layers at the top of the layer stack and move everything; simply imagine that the Canvas is a Camera, and it works identically. Beautifully, as I’ve demonstrated in my video!
  3. The toolsets are excellent, but the User Interface needs to be improved; in essence, I mean brainstorming to re-organize in ways that it requires fewer clicks and quick glances to get the job done. Everything is there, but we just need to re-arrange them well. If the UI is fast to work with your work gets done quicker.
  4. Somehow Synfig on Windows XP lags. Same for Seven, but lesser.
  5. As said before, we need a Layer Lock feature.

Gah! I haven’t slept yet (it’s half past five in the morn); I’ll let you guys know once I remember the rest.

I love it! Color selection, animation and character design is great!

Yeah! Do you know about the camera widget existence? viewtopic.php?f=8&t=221

It will lag on windows until we solve the multi thread render problem in windows platform.


Thanks! I’m just the animator. :smiley: The artist for character design and coloring is someone else entirely.

Yeah, but I just… couldn’t get to work it right. :blush: I’ll chock it out again.

Nice animation.