.PNG files animation with Motion Blur ?


Anyoher ‘blur’ works on the same png-files, motion blur does’nt!

Is it impossible?

Hi fuanevich40,
motion blur just render past frames with less opacity. If there is no difference between past and current pngs (position, stretch, deformation or whatever you can do with a png inside Synfig Studio) you don’t see any difference. Same would happen if you create some layers and don’t move them at all. Motion blur wont produce any visible effect apart of slow down the render time.

Thanks for reply.

The .PNG is fast rotating (just like spinning) and zooming in (comming closer).

I understand how moution blur works. (Btw, I really like Synfig! It’s great application!)

Moution blur works great with any vector objects…

Anyway I try some more, e.g. render my animation like that: yuv --> avi

Does it mean that it still not working for you with png images?

Yes, it works!

The problem was… humm… I… well… I just didn’t notice that ‘Moution Blur Layer’ must be under a .png layer. I misunderstood the encapsulation feature… Now everything is perfect! Thanks you, Synfig developers!