Plugin Feature

Like most other softwares out there, it’d be useful to have a “Plugins” system for Synfig too, but much better if we’ve got Plain Text files as plugins. The plugins can be custom scripted or downloaded, especially to extend Synfig’s capabilities and adding dynamics or new tools.

Flash has AS3 but Synfig could have something similar by combining scripting and plugin in one go; script plugins! LOL Anywhos, I saw this today
… and I realize that particle dynamics still need more work in Synfig. Man, I’d really like some snow in my movies. =\

i like the idea too, maybe python is the answer for the ‘plain text’ format for plugins

Yeah! But the software can also have some pre-defined functions which can make it easier for beginners to code without much knowledge; like “Move Layer to This Place” and what not. Of course, as Synfig version grows it can have some more stuff pre-defined. Sorta like in the software Ren’Py.