please help i can inverse the direction.!!!

i am new in synfig!!!
my question is:
I want to know if there is a way in order to inverse the sens(direction) of any shape (or bline, or group of this)
for example a face who look right i want to turn it and look left : some thing like that!!
it’s like when we look at a mirror we see everything inversed!!
please help me and i want a very clear step because i am new in synfig and i 'am working on annimation series!!

Add a Stretch-layer and change it’s first amount-value to negative (60x60 becomes -60x60).

Use a Stretch layer on top of all your stuff and set its Amount value to be:
x=-60 pixels (for a y mirror effect)
y= 60 pixels

x= 60 pixels
y= -60 pixels (for a x mirror effect)

Place its Origin on the axis of the desired mirror effect.

(60 pixels is the value of a Synfig unit in pixels)


thanks it works it works… :mrgreen:
thanks a lot :wink: