Please help offer some video tutorial of synfig for me

I’m a beginner of synfig and I need some video tutorial of it.
I know that there are video tutorials on the but I can’t watch them probably because the videos are on the web sites which my government does not allow to visit—I’m in China mainland.
I can also find the video tutorials on youtube, unfortunately, we Chinese people can’t get access to youtube.
To study making 2-D animation, I can only read words offered on wiki and it’s hard for me such a beginner.
I hope someone can help to download a set of synfig video tutorial and send it to my email for me.
If you can offer any help, please contact:
Thank you!

Hi, I can upload those tutorials to if you prefer video tuto, but you have to wait till after chinese new year, I am pretty busy on my work these days, otherwise you need to find a way to access youtube by yourself. And please don’t discuss this politic topic in the forum.

anyway, welcome to the forum, and enjoy animating with Synfig Studio.

Thank you, I will wait.
Your uploading will help many beginners like me.

Are we able to upload videos as attachments?

We shouldn’t overload the forums database with videos.

ok. I didn’t know how much storage there was. But I mentioned before, synfig videos need a home and not be scattered all over the web in peoples personal youtube accounts.

that sounds like a great idea, could you mind to help the community to do that ? You can create a Wiki page on synfig wiki listing all the videos tutorials around the world.

" You can create a Wiki page on synfig wiki listing all the videos tutorials around the world."

No. That is exactly what I shouldn’t do. They shouldn’t be all over the world. Anything to be in the wiki can’t be spread all over the planet. I suggest a single youtube channel for “official” tutorials and demonstrations.

OK, so there is a solution for this:

  1. There is a Synfig’s G+ page that can upload videos.
  2. There is a Synfig’s Google Community where the publications can be classified and easily discussed.
  3. There is a wiki were the videos can be classified too.

The Synfig’s G+ page can upload its own video tutorials and they can be published anywhere. Since Synfig’s G+ page is handles by their administrators, it is not likely that the videos were deleted or depends on one (or scattered) persons. Synfig’s G+ page has one owner and can have several administrators.

The main problem for the videos is that they don’t share the same structure and format. I would like to see a formal header, length and treatment of the tutorial for each “official” video we publish. That’s something that nobody has proposed yet.

Also it would be good to don’t drop all the videos that people has posted on the wiki because the owner can’t grantee to keep the video available all the time. So it would be good to download the video from the wiki links and upload it again to the Synfig’s G+ page.

Does anybody want to take care of:

  1. Propose a video tutorial format and/or
  2. Become Synfig’s G+ administrator to upload the videos that exists currently on the wiki and upload the future video proposals?

Like the wiki pages, videos should be all redone by the renaming and a series of videos for categories (tools, layers, interface, etc) should be created… :slight_smile:


Doesn’t that google+ already have a youtube account associated with it? They are the same thing now… I think :confused:

I’ll start a new thread about this…

It is not strictly the same. I (genete) can upload videos to G+ that are not visible in my youtube account and viceversa. I can’t enter into Youtube with the account of Synfig page at google plus because the Synfig’s google plus page is not nominative. It is shared by its administrators. But when using the G+ interface as the Synfig’s page administrator you can upload videos as if they were uploaded by the Synfig’s page and so there is not assigned to the administrator person but to the page itself.


good idea to have a set of tutorial… i was thinking to a similar things regarding to the doc sprint…

google+ video : is this solution answer to the first post ? or does we need to think to another video channel to duplicate g+ entries ?


Google+ videos is the solution for scattered videos from different users and possibly won’t be a solution for the first post.

unfortunatly, we cannot get access to google+ either.
China mainland
I’m now trying vpn, hoping it’ll work.

This solution won’t directly help the original problem; HOWEVER, the G+ video can be embedded into the Wiki and those should be visible, right?

Hi goodkey,

I’ve started uploading those video tuto to youku, not done yet, please stay tuned at my channel, under synfig tutorial collection:

enjoy synfiging !