Please help! keyframe issue!

Hello Synfig Forum. I am new here and I only want something from the code writers. I want to delete all keyframes at once but this feauture is not in Synfig. Other animation softwares have this option. You are choosing every keyframes on timeline with a box selection. Please do that. It is so hard to delete all keyframes one by one. PLEASEEE!!!

Right click on the parameter you want to delete all the keyframe and select disconnect

Edit: Also the development for box selection tool is going on, you can build Synfig from source and try it out

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Synfig has a different meaning for ‘keyframe’ (kind of ‘bookmark’ here), so you could please be more clear if you use synfig notation or not?

(our) Keyframes are listed in Keyframe panel and is relatively easy to remove them all from there.

If you refer to what Synfig call Waypoint, the previous post from veermetri05 answers you: right-click on an animated layer parameter and select Disconnect.

About box selection, there is a (limited) way to do it in stable release: use Graph panel (Ops, docs should be updated here) :wink:

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thank you so much for replying.