Playing with SVG import

Looks good!

Have you noticed any quirks, like lines not interpreted as they should etc? Does the shapes behave as they did in inkscape?

AFAIK there are the following issues:

  1. Very first time you use the SVG module it doesn’t work fine. Every number is interpreted as NAN or INF.
  2. Gradients are usually placed in the wrong place.
  3. Sometimes the looped shaped are not looped properly as bad interpretation of the loop value from SVG.

But I think they are not so bad for the first version. We need to track those bugs and solve them in the next release.


True, first time I tried to import an SVG file it didn’t import it right, so I didn’t look further… but after deleting the 1st bad import it seems to work great when I import it a second time!
(and then each file is well imported, until I close the program.)

Yep I’ve already one drawing with this loop import problem, I can send it if it can help you to analyse/solve the problem.

So it’s already a good start of import. One problem still is that every tangents are split (since synfig can’t handle merged tangent of different length as inkscape does I understand it)! But is there a way in Synfig to merge tangents from several selected nodes?

That said, it’s pretty cool to be able to modify width of Inkscape pencil paths in synfig !!! ^^

I haven’t seen any problems with ‘1st imports’.
I have seen some svg files for which all elements look like they’re in the same place, but when imported, end up in different locations on the canvas or flipped around.


Not at the moment but it would be an interesting feature request. Would you mind to add it to the tracker of requests?

Lucky you!
Here’s a file with 1st and 2nd import save, showing the bug.
It’s strange I have this problem and you don’t since we use the same build (I guess so, I use your last windows all-in-one test-build)

Yep Ok I’ll do it (you mean in the “ideatorrent” thing, right?)
SVGimportEX.sifz (33 KB)

Yes or at the feature request tracker at SF: … tid=757419


Animtim - very picasso. Do you have a link to the original SVG? I haven’t seen that at all. Do you see problems importing the original Inkscape logo? I.E. is the problem file specific, or do you see it on every svg?

Yep here is the original svg I used for my test.
I have this problem with any svg file I tried, the first import I do each time I launch synfigstudio is always “cubic” like that.

I’ve tried to import inkscape logo but it’s not very good, here is the result.
(I’ve used “Simple svg” and “inkscape svg” to compare)
InkscapeLogoSvgImport.sifz (2.21 KB) (12.7 KB)