Playing synfig files inside a c# program

Hello, I’m completely new to synfig and have some doubts about its capabilities.

Would it be possible to some dll to play synfig files inside another program?

The idea would be to program a game in c# and load synfig files for the animations.

What are your thoughts about that? Could it work with some tweaking?

Synfig rendering is way too slow to be used in a game. You are better off pre-rendering everything or using SVG or Flash.

Although the rendering engine is in a shared library (or “DLL”), we don’t guarantee proper binary compatability at all, so you need to recompile your app against each new version of synfig and ship that version of synfig with your app.

The other thing is that synfig is under the GPL so anything linked with the DLL must be GPL too and you have to therefore ship the source code to both synfig and your app.

One other issue is that synfig is written in C++ not C# and therefore isn’t managed code so you would need to write some kind of wrapper.

I’d personally avoid C# because of the possibility of patent nasties from Microsoft anyways.