Picture Completion

Since I’ve been doing images I guess it would be appropriate on starting something on nothing, but pics. Plus learned that using them as backgrounds cuts down on computer slowness when animating.

Yes, animate against a complex background doesn’t help much. Better to have a background as image and not a vector composition.

BTW, the picture looks nice but i would make the light at the background a little bit softer. It is difficult to balance the light effect on a dark environment like it is supposed to be.

So excluding backgrounds and any secondary or tertiary light sources I decided to focus on a character’s face exclusively to try pinpointing a graphical style. I think I’m about ready to actually start animating at an industry level with a few more tweaks to the techniques I’m using. Also added .sifz file for those who wish to know how it was done.
R&D02T.sifz (13.9 KB)

I like this character :smiley: (which also more or less answers a part of your question in the off topic forum)
I am always interested about the rigs that other people use so I can’t wait to see an animated version of this character.