Perfect Rendering

Hey guys,

I’d like to know what I have to do to get a perfect render quality for my videos.
I found this page and defined the quality as “1” and the Anti-Aliasing as “31”.
Then, I rendered the project as an mpeg-file.
The quality is not bad but it is not perfect anyway. Do you got more tricks for me to get a better render quality (maybe to render the project into another format?) or is Synfig not able to handle it better?

Kind regards,

Rendering to PNG should give you perfect quality. From there you can use a conversion program to get a high quality movie, you’ll need one that can read a sequence of PNG files as input.

Please do not use antialiasing higher than 4. The result is almost the same but the render time is exponentially increased.

Can you show us what do you expect and what do you get?

Thanks for the answers.
I made a screenshot of what I got and what I wanna get.

You do see the difference.
I’ll try to render it into png-files if nobody has a better idea. Which (free) programme do you suggest to convert from PNG to AVI/MPEG/etc. then?

Excuse me, but both images haven’t same size so you can’t compare… :imp: