pendulum animated

Hi all!
Here is a classic exercise in animation. I made it with the distortion layer “Curve Warp” and two pencil pictures.

Interesting. Nice tentacle.
When the pendulum movement decreases it’s like you have a force grabbing hold of it, the arch and speed varies. In a pendulum the movement is even and each swing of the pendule takes exactly the same time, it’s just the length of the swing that gets shorter for each swing.

Thnx a lot!

Exactly, It is because physic! Time of each swing of pendulum depends only from length of pendulum, but not from speed, arc or any force.


Very nice demo / design / mvmt …

Did you export/connect/convert your Ducks (Handles in next Synfig) to some physical equation … or it’s by hand ?


When i said “because physic” i meant that this pictures emulates behavior of real pendulum, which moves by physics law. So… i did it by hand in order to study how it should to be.

Hi all again!
Here is another short example of pendulum animation. At this time it’s united with character animation based on stickman template.

It is quite cool!
Although the motion blur effect is a little weird. Maybe the settings are somehow odd?

Actually is not motion blur, it is “Time average” + “Radial Blur” effects from cinelerra. I used their because i’ve been afraid to get ban from youtube for tits :slight_smile: So maybe I had overdid a little.

Yes, totally :slight_smile:
Anyway, there is nothing more exciting to a perverted mind than having difficulties to see the evident. :wink:

another short and well done example !