Pedagogical Animation

Hi all,

I have published here a pedagogical video in French that I (along with some other people from Grenoble, France) have produced in May 2010 by using Synfig.

It is not intended to be “fancy”: the goal was more to be pedagogic and explain something not simple (it talks about “zetetics”, or, for a relatively close English word, “scientific skepticism”). So it may not appear that attractive; also, the sound is crappy. However we used a lot of features from Synfig, so I post the link here it for demo purpose.

Note that the trivial details that constitute the only animated components at some points, such as the blinking or the mouths, could be easily generated from streams of random values.
Further, it involves imported video inlays, and the result is a quite long video that seems coming from a single scene.


Thank you for using Synfig for tour project.