Pausing an animation


I am working on a very simple animation : a rectangle layer going to four different positions.
In each position, I would like my rectangle to stop for a bit.
After looking for info about time loop layer, I am not sure I am heading the right direction here. So I wonder :

  • should I set those “breaks” manually, by adding keyframes and duration
  • is there an “easy” way to achieve that effect using : time loop layer, free time layer, speed parameter of group layer ?

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Here’s what comes to mind.

  1. Put the square into a group.
    In Animate Editing Mode:
  2. Each time you want the animation to stop, set the group Speed to 0, creating a new way point and applying Constant Interpolation. (right-click way point > Constant (red icon)
  3. When you want the animation to resume, set the group Speed to 1, apply Constant Interpolation to the waypoint. Also, change the Time Offset value to -(number of frames paused) and apply Constant Interpolation to that waypoint.

Please note, modify the animation after you set this may be confusing because this is creating an time offset. If you do this technique multiple times in the animation, the determine the Time Offset value becomes more challenging. Toy with it until you get the hang of it.

That said, if there is a much better way to do this, please enlighten us.


I think you can just duplicate your waypoint.

You can use keyframes and duplicate them too.

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