Particles Layer

could you take in count a particle layer/capsule for release 0.62.03 or 0.62.04? it’s just awesome mess around with particles with Synfig morphing capabilities, parameters and other layers not for mention metaballs which somehow are capable of fluid-like behavior, and also taking advantage of this post, is it possible make particles loop with the current .zsif template? i’m interested in make some animated gifs for halloween and the animation doesn’t look right =(

Particles is in my TODO list. I know how to generate them but never tried to start to do it seriously. There is a pair of things to solve that I don’t know exactly how to proceed. The thing is this:
Particle layer needs to scrub the layer stack and produce the particle duplications. The problem comes when the layer stack is made of transformation layers mixed with distortion, time loop or other kind of layers. Particle layer shouldn’t try to duplicate and make particles for the non geometry layers because they are not providing a particle seed. My idea of particle layer is that the only kind of layer that can be affected by a particle layer is the paste canvas layer. So the paste canvas layer is a self contained item and can be duplicated as one entire object. Any other kind of layer should be ignored for particle layer.
The second problem comes when the particles are repeated. I would like to allow the particles be behind and onto the non particle layers, based on the z depth position of the particle seed. In that way the non particle layer can travel passing the particle flow (like in my earlier particle example for version 1.0). But that would create a problem. If there are two particle seeds or more I would like to mix them when rendering the duplicated particles to make the result more random. That would complicate the other feature of make the non particle layers float in the middle of the particles…

Regarding to the second question, current particles template doesn’t make use of the loop parameter of the random convert type and probably never would make it use unless any one opens the particle template and fixes it :open_mouth: :open_mouth: … Sincerely, I can’t. I tried to rewrite the formulation and what does it do and got bored and frustrated. Anyone? :unamused:


That is something i noticed playing with the template, the ideal way for contain a particle seed is encapsulating the composition of layers or make use of paste canvas

well, i’ll give it try, but can’t promise anything really, i like and i understand particles, but provably i will also get bored or disappointed for not getting any result, nevertheless that will not stop me for trying.