Particle effects (request)

I didn’t use Synfig for a long time, so it may already be there or planned, but I think adding some 2D particle simulation would be a good addition to the Synfig. With it, animating things like fire, smoke and other things like that would be much easier, just set up parameters and set how long simulation would last.

Synfig doesn’t have a built-in particle layer, unfortunately. But, there’s a good particle template that can be used. See this topic for details: Particle exporter and firework example

Anyway, it would be cool to have a built-in particle layer or at least a plug-in, so I double this request. I remember the awesome guy with nickname darkspace was working on it, but don’t know if he succeeded yet.

I did some particle testing here: [url]particle snow and rain layer]. The particle template is very powerful, but sadly I did not manage to debug the plug-in script yet. Due to my lack of knowledge in Python and xml parsing I was not able to give all the guid’s a new random number and put them back at the correct place in the sif file. Long story short is that I ended up by changing them manually. If you download the zip file in the attachment and extract it in the plug- in folder of Synfig, then you can add up to four particles layers to any scene using the plug-in system which should be enough for most occasions. Add First Particle Layer for the first layer, Add Second Particle Layer for the second and so on. Don’t use them twice or you will get a crash. If you are using windows you can use the shell script that Svarov wrote.
Greetz! (30.4 KB)

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