Params Closed Can't find, tried tutorials, still can't find

I am running Synfig 0.63.05 on Ubuntu and I can’t even find the option to turn params back on. I googled how to bring it back up and used the wiki and searched this forum and I can’t find any of the options mentioned to re-open the params pannel and I even tried reinstalling but to no avail. Could someone please help?

Toolbox Menu:

File–>Panels–>Reset Windows to Original Layout.

I managed to fix and find it but my problem was that “file” wasn’t showing up in the first place to navigate in the way you said, which I had mentioned although thank you for helping.

:blush: , For Ubuntu, I guess that menu goes to the Unity’s Top Menu Bar.

It does indeed but that wasn’t even working so I changed where I installed it and now it’s working correctly :laughing: but thank you very much for trying to help out. I really appreciate it. Just happy to have it fixed now.