Outline rectangles broken?

I am having an issue with the outline of a rectangle. It doesn’t seem to link the vertices so it is pretty dang annoying. I am using 0.62.00. It works for the bline tool just fine. It might be related to that issue about assigning vertices to a bline created tangent to the original lines? However creating my square left to right or right to left doesn’t fix anything so any work around would have to go into the rectangle tool code if that is the case…which I don’t even know how to try.

To see what I’m actually talking about: screencast.com/t/MzliZTkwM



pls use region instead of rectangle in tool options dialog, all the vertices will be linked, and you will get what you want.

The rectangle layer is “standalone” one :slight_smile: and it has only two vertices as you can see in params panel while it is being selected. by default these two vertices are not linked to the vertices of the outline when you use rectangle tools with rectangle and outline options enabled.

You can play with the attached file a bit to get the idea, (in the file, I linked the two of vertices of rectangle to the two of outline vertices)
link-rectangle_region_outline.sifz (1.33 KB)

OK, I see, thanks, that isn’t intuitive but I understand now after your help.

That leaves me wondering if there is an easy way though to transcribe the points in the region so I don’t deform the square? I need precision control of the coordinates simply for resizing leaving within the constraints of what keeps a rectangle, well a rectangle, but it is pretty cumbersome to have to have to drill down multiple levels in the region parm section to do so.

Also, is there a setting that will make the origin marker line up with the top/left vertex automatically after the position is fine on the canvas to make future precise movement using the origin params only much easier to calculate?

Hi beeblebrox42,
I can see that you’re using Mac OS. I guess that you’re using the fink packages, right?


Well, to be more clear, they are from the source packages.

So, did you build the binary by your self? :open_mouth:

I didn’t download the source packages and do them by hand, fink downloaded the source packages and did it for me. Fink sometimes finds binary packages precompiled elsewhere, that was the difference I was pointing out in case there are prebuilt binaries somewhere. All credit should go to the maintainer H. Todd Fujinaka for making sure that .deb source build process is working on this platform.