Outline problem; Suse 11.0, x64; synfig 0.61.09

Hello. I’ve installed synfig/synfigstudio 0.61.09 from the packman repository.
My OS is Suse 11.0, x86_64 version.
I’ve started synfig and created a circle with ‘Create Outline BLine’ checked.
The BLine is okay, but the outline is not as expected.
It’s the same with the draw tool; the outline doesn’t follow the BLine.
The difference between the outline and the BLine seems to be dependent on the position of the BLine.
I’ve searched for a solution on the internet and in the FAQ without any success. (It’s not offtopic in here, is it?)

Region BLines do work, but what’s a cartoon without outlines?
Is it a bug, a known issue or is there an option that I’ve missed?

I don’t know why you’re seeing this. It seems to be working fine in a recent SVN version under windows.

Can you post the SIF or SIFZ file, so that we can check that nothing’s wrong with that?


I haven’t saved the circle, but here’s what the walk cycle tutorial looks like.
(correct lines: background image,
ugly lines: outlines)
So I think it’s not the file.
It seems to happen to all files where outlines are used.

Who’s the maintainer of SUSE binaries? Maybe the person who created the binaries can know if that is happening in his build or not.

It looks to me that you have installed a different version of the ETL libraries. Some of the calculations of the blines lies on the templates on the ETL package. If you mixed an old version of ETL with a recent version of synfig or synfigstudio, maybe you can obtain twisted tangents. I remember to have a recent change on the tangent concept due to the problem detected on the flower tutorial. Please double check that you have installed the proper packages or that you are not using older ones of ETL.

I use Ubuntu (I make my own binaries following the build instructions) and never have seen that before with 0.61.09 or its previous or later versions.


Thanks for the help.
I’ve followed the build instructions and have compiled synfig from source.
Now the outlines are fixed.

Yast is so simple at first, but when you check out the packages only half of them really work.
I’ll try to find out who made this package and tell him/her that it’s not working properly.

Thanks again and sorry for bothering you with Suse-specific messed up builds.

Thanks to you for doing that. It help us to make Synfig properly available for all platforms.

And don’t worry about specific SUSE issues. If there is an issue with SUSE and Synfig we should be worried too, like with any other OS.

Looking forward to your animations!