Orange and Bronze Colored Waltz - animated music video

Below is a link to my just finished animated music video and my first Synfig animation. I started with version 0.64.3 and completed it using version 1.0 RC5. I learned a lot about Synfig in the process of making this video. With the 1.0 version, it’s finally easy to synchronize audio and video. That was a HUGE improvement.

The Orange and Bronze Colored Waltz

Let me know what you think.

Nice to watch and hear and well executed.

Thanks Genete.

I liked it. Kind of soothing… Has some nice drawings in it. Must have been a pain to time the whole thing. Nice work.

The drawings all come from 2 web sites where the graphics are free to use. I was lucky to find them.

Getting the timing right wasn’t too bad. I started by using Audacity to create keyframe labels, then imported them in to Synfig, but now that I can actually import a .mp3 file so that I can hear the music as I see the animation run in Synfig, it’s MUCH easier to get the timing right. Often I’d work backwards. I’d start at the point where some animation needed to finish, then I’d decide when and where I wanted it to start.