Options for aligning ducks/nodes and objects

Could we add a few options for aligning things, similar to how it’s done in Inkscape and Scribus?

+1! Although I’ve never really felt the need for these before, I suppose it will be useful for banners and sorts.

It could be possible. Just need more coders :slight_smile:
At the moment, it is not in my near plans.

To give some context, I was trying to achieve this animation but, as you can see, the arrow on the right doesn’t meet exactly in the middle nor does it travel in a straight line.

It would seem sensible that I’d be able to align the bottom of the bounding boxes, but was unable to.

Also, it seems like the stretch layer (sifz file attached) does some weird things to the coordinates of the object, so I had to guess the Y location of the object

Oh, and it appears that I can’t copy/paste values from one box to another. Anyone else experiencing this?
arrows.sifz (14.9 KB)

It is not a Stretch layer problem.
You have added the Stertch layer onto a copy of the arrow and after that you’ve animated the original arrow and the copy. You didn’t animate them the same.
I’ve fixed it by deleting one of them and duplicating it after animate. Then encapsulate the duplicated and mirror it with the Stretch layer.
Now, both arrows match the same movement on the center.
NOTE: I’ve saved it with 0.63.01 format. It shouldn’t be a problem to load into 0.63.01 or higer. If it was created with other old format and you have problems, let me know.
arrows-fixed-0.63.01.sifz (15.8 KB)

Thanks, that solved my problem.

Regardless, alignment tools would always be welcome!