Opening Windows on Different Screens

I suspect the solution to my problem is to get Xinerama running on my FC8 box, but for now I cannot get Xinerama to handle the fact that one screen is 1600x1200 while the other is 1024x768. It wants to lower the 1600x1200 screen to 1024x768.

Because of either Xinerama or my current lack of understanding how to configure Xinerama, I am forced to configure my dual-head X-windows as two distinct screens. Herein is my problem: I would like to have the canvas window on the 1600x1200 monitor where I can expand it to the monitor’s full size, and move all the other Synfig windows to the 1024x768 monitor. Unfortunately, when I start up Synfig it opens all the windows on the same screen.

Is there a way I can configure or modify Synfig to open all non-canvas windows on, say, display “:0.1” and the canvas windows only on display “:0.0”?

Thanks in advance.