(Open-source) Animated short made with Synfig


One of the ways to make a donation, I think that those who succeed to make “sold work”, or those who have a “youtube money” account.

Could affect at least a “small percentage” for a donation.

By the way: I create a cartoon, I will soon broadcast on youtube.

Brief me to make easy, and given ideas to the creator here, I have used only of the sound effects, and a few “arrrr mhmhmhmh gnagnagna” this is the kind used on some.
Big cartoon, broadcast in France on television.

Like this: oggy et les cafards
youtube.com/results?search_ … es+cafards

Like this: mölang
youtube.com/results?search_ … %C3%B6lang


Konstantin, thanks for taking time to answer all the comments. I can be rude sometimes and may not like your work, but I appreciate what you do for Synfig.
I’ll consider a donation. Also, I was hoping to write some wiki articles (documentation is another weak spot of Synfig), but not sure when I get free time to do this.


List of sound library and sound effects:
I’ve tested, it’s of good quality.

findsounds.com/ (english)
sound-fishing.net/ (french)
universal-soundbank.com/ (french - english)
lasonotheque.org/ (french)
freesound.org/ (english)
soundrangers.com/ (english)

bigsoundbank.com (english)
freesoundeffects.com (english)
sounddogs.com/ (english)(music without voice)


Such resources should be added to the Wiki :smiley:


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