Only selected layer shown, also in animation preview


I am really fresh here and with animation. I need to create a short animation to explain a programming issue and there chose synfig.
It seems to be the best choice, but has as far i can see a steep learning curve, so i am taking the dive…

My first challenge is to create a wheel which has small compartments on the outside which can hold a small circle, similar to a wheel of fortune.
This wheel needs to rotate and while rotating the slots have to be filled with circles. So my first challenge is to create a circle in a circle.
The smaller circle must be on the top layer with a different color. So i failed here…

When i create two circles with only the layer type “Create a circle layer” i do get two circles. But only one of the two circles is shown, when deselecting one of the circles in the layer panel, the other is shown.

How do i show both layers?


Check the blending mode of your layers.