one great idea was enough

just finished my second animation in synfig …

with more effort I could animate/compose it better, but I preferred to make a low quality animation rather than spending like forever to make a good one, for the sake of productivity I decided not to think twice.

I earned more experience from this project:
1- respect your soundtrack! modifying it during animation process messes everything.
2- when using skeleton layer for arms/legs do not connect the vertices sticking the arms/legs to the body, you don’t want the bone to move them away from the body.
3- use synfig default render engine during scene composition, then use cairo render during animation process (and of course you need to animate in Low Res mode). default render is much closer to your final render, and cairo render is much faster when you deal with timetrack.
4- NEVER use an exported canvas as long as you can do your animation without it.
5- I had a problem with the blur layer which rendered strangely when increasing it’s amount above 2, and discovered later the “feather” parameter (which works very well) after I’m almost finished.


Can you post the scene in which you had problems with the blur layer. It could be just a matter of using the wrong blend method.

edit: nicely done, by the way.

thank you :slight_smile:

I used it with “Straight” blend method, as seen in the attached file ,it’s now messed up sounds that I changed the folder containing the imported PNG’s
final_composition.sifz (77.7 KB)

The blurs in your scene I downloaded seemed ok to me. What was the problem that you were having with them? I changed them in size and intensity and they all rendered ok.