objects "disappear"

Hey all.

The program worked just fine when I first installed it…unfortunately…

I draw a circle and it fills with the color I’ve chosen. If I draw another circle, the first one becomes “invisible”. I can get the outline of that first circle if I click on it but it simply disappears.

And so on, each time I create a new form, the previous one disappears from view, though it is actually “there”.

Complete beginner here, so probably something silly that I should set.

Any help? Any forum I ought to read?

Thanks a lot, all.


Check your default blend method in the toolbox dialog. If it’s set to straight, that would explain the behaviour you’re seeing. You’re probably expecting the behaviour you would get from ‘composite’.


Hey pixelgeek and all.

Right on, in the “params” window, each object automatically sets to “straight”-- double clicking on that and changing to “composite” makes the objects visible. But seem to have to set each object one at a time…

Next question, then, How do I set the blending default to “composite”-- can’t seem to find a set-up menu for that (using .63, the various windows float around, don’t dock, so do let me know in which window I would look for this-- kind of step-by-step?)

Funny, when I first installed the program it must have been defaulted to composite and I must have done something to re-default it to “straight” but can’t, for the life of me find where to set it back to “composite”…

Thanks for past and future replies.


Go to Toolboxand select composite for the Default Blend method drop down menu.


Took a moment, but found it. Many thanks.