Object values ​​change after saving

I set some position (or others) values of the object, but they changed after saving. (Screenshot.jpg)
How to fix it?

In Synfig files, numbers are stored in ‘units’ (1 unit=60 pixels) so it is normal to have rounding errors in reading writing to file.

Anyway, if 0.0001 pixels is so important to you, we can try to research this.

Thats not so important. It’s just my perfectionism… :slight_smile:
I will use the units.
Thank you!

As Genete says, Synfig internally uses “unit” measurements rather than pixels. You can change to display values as pixels in Synfigstudio but the saved file will still use “unit” measurement.

Luckily the size of a “unit” can be redefined using the Canvas Properties window (which can be accessed via Caret menu > Edit > Properties or also via Right Click menu > Edit > Properties):

First you’ll want to go to Other tab and uncheck all of the “Locks and Links”:

Then go back to Image tab and edit the “Image Area” so that the X span is equal to the Width and the Y span equal to the Height:

On my case the X span is from -240 to 240 which is 480 in size, and the Y span is from -135 to 135 which is 270 in size. I guess you could make the spans from 0 to 480 for X and 0 to 270 for Y if you don’t mind the origin coordinate being at the corner.

Once you do this the actual pixel values would be saved directly to file, thus eliminating any rounding errors. :smiley:

very clear and useful synfig unit explanation … should be writed in wiki !

Finally, should be the whole wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Image_Dimensions pages who need some rewrite; because they are quite obscures.

Thank you :slight_smile:
And another question about RGB color selector.
It’s 0 to 100, not 0 to 255.
Sometimes difficult to set needed value from other program.

If the other program shows the HTML code you can copy that into Synfig. Unluckily Synfig processes colors slightly different, so colors may not match exactly.