Object size diffs from canvas size

I have a problem with object size in Synfig. I set canvas size to 256x256 px and created a circle with radius 128px, i.e. the circle must fill canvas but it isn’t so… The circle is much smaller. How to fix it?
s_magnetic_field_blue.sifz (2.05 KB)

you have changed group scale, to fix it change it to 60x60.

Thank u very much, I’ll try to fix it! Just Imma nobie in Synfig yet…

By the way, can u explain, please, why does it reqire 60 scale? Just I can’t get how did u calculate this number.

60x60 is just simply default scale of group (synfig units, 1unit=60px), i don’t know why this changed in your file.