Notice: I updated the wish list.

I deleted an unnecessarily wish, add some replies to some of the wishes and update history with my username on it.

Quick question: Can I add a new page so I can take and organize some of the wishes in one page.

Just create a Wiki link, and click on it…


The unnecessarily wish has somehow reappear again I just had delete it again. It’s unnecessary because it has an easy alternative. It should not appear again.

It was me who restored the portion of wiki that you deleted. Maybe for you is an obvious thing to align the parameter panel with the Time Track panel to see the waypoints of each parameter meanwhile you edit them, but maybe other person has the same question again and maybe he post again the same wish there. A good principle with those cases is to move the wishes that are currently covered by the features of the program, to the granted wishes area instead of delete them. Even convert a solved wish to a tip is a good idea. So please don’t delete it again. I’ll restore it last time.

PS: Next time you find this situation (other restore something you deleted or modified) please visit the Recent Changes page so see who and why did the modification.