notes from a new synfig user

This is a followup to my irc session on 4/3/08 re ffmpeg and the google ‘windows install’ tutorial, and some minor issues that I’m curious about.

FFmpeg duplicate files?

  • When I downloaded ffmpeg for WindowsXP I got 3 files…
    ffmpeg.exe 7,759 KB
    ffplay.exe 8,134 KB
    pthreadGC2.dll 87 KB
  • Searching my PC for ffmpeg found these in Program Files…
    GoogleVideoViewer\VLC\plugins\libffmpeg_plugin.dll 574 KB
    JetAudio\ffmpeg_vx.exe 2,009 KB
    MediaCoder\codecs\ffmpeg.exe 1,867 KB
    synfig\lib\synfig\modules\mod_ffmpeg.dll 576 KB
    Video Converter\ffmpeg.exe 7,264 KB
    VLC\plugins\libffmpeg_plugin.dll 4,133 KB
  • Any ideas if I can clean out some of these ffmpeg files?

fyi re Wiki edits -

  • I added a question about import/export of vectors
  • I added a question re how to ‘one click min/maximize’ all synfig taskbar buttons (Win XP)
  • After reading the walk_cycle article I created a discussion page but it does not link to anything. I’m new to editing a wiki - do I need to create a link on the source article, or does an ‘admin’ review/provide a link?
  • IMHO the main/left menu needs a reorg - An outline/toc of areas/pages with help (documentation, faq, tutorials, etc.) would be more useful than the current menu.


Hi x222fbj,

As a linux user I cannot help you so much about the ffmpeg questions.

15:19 < dooglus> pixelgeek, pabs3: I think the ‘transient dialogs’ (or whatever it’s called) environment variable works on windows for getting the panels to minimize with the toolbox
15:19 < dooglus> but maybe there was some problem with it - like it minimizes them to the desktop rather than the taskbar or something
15:20 < dooglus> set SYNFIG_TRANSIENT_DIALOGS = 1
15:20 < dooglus> "Some window managers fail to associate synfig’s panels with the toolbox. Setting this can help. It seems to work quite well on Windows too, preventing the panels from taking up space on the task bar, but be careful not to minimize any of the panels, it can cause problems. "
15:20 < dooglus> … oldid=5730

I think that finally you understood the wiki usage :slight_smile:

You’re right. Lucky there is a new person redesigning the wiki.


Thanks for the reply. I’m not clear on the wiki update process - “do I need to create a link on the source article, or does an ‘admin’ review/provide a link?” I think that finally you understood the wiki usage :slight_smile:

Should I add a link to the original Walk Cycle article? Or just leave it as is? Or should I have edited the original page and added my note there?

I was confused at the beginning too. I’m still being a newbie contributor :slight_smile:
The Discuss this page, Talk this page or simply Discuss, is an area where you write about the content of the wiki page to express you ideas about the format, the current content or the redaction style. You also can insert there some information that you are not sure if would blend with the page content. Usually you should sign your commentaries in the talk page to allow people follow is there is any kind of question and reply. You can insert your signature just writing: ~~~~

Regarding to the particular case you can do what you prefer… It’s a wiki!!! If your modifications are not proper and any other user consider that you have placed it in the wrong place they can be moved after write you in the talk page, in the IRC or this forum. Other times it is directly corrected / rearranged by any user if the modifications are clear enough.

Feel free.

I’d be careful about clearing out ffmpeg in other application directories. Those applications may expect to find them there. (Although I would say that I think the Google viewer is obsolete now isn’t it?).
Just make sure you have the new ffmpeg.exe and pthreadGC2.dll in a directory that’s in your path.

Every page on the wiki should automatically have a ‘discussion’ page associated with it. You don’t have to link it explicitly. The admins for the board usually scan the ‘Recent changes’ page and will pick up on any comments added on talk pages also.
In this case, you’ve got some great information (I actually checked it out before I saw your post in the forum). I think you could make it it’s own page, linked from or maybe actually included on the page.