Not the results of the tutorial

Hello Synfig-Community,

I’m absolutely new to animation in general and to Synfig in special. I followed this tutorial about “Animation Basics”, but the red “KITT” circle won’t move. I’ve got 3 key frames, but if I move the circle in any keyframe, it moves in all others - so when rendering, nothing moves.

I also followed this youtube video tutorial about “Following a Bline”, but when I have clicked the encapsulated rotation layer (and added to selection, so I’ve got: rotation layer, arrow polygon and Bline) I don’t have “link to Bline” as a choice in context menu :frowning:

I tried this with Synfig on my Kubuntu as well as on my Windows machine. My current build (Ubuntu) is Does anybody has some suggestions? Maybe I’m just too stupid =)

This sounds like you’re in normal mode rather than animate mode.

Check that the circle in the lower right hand corner of the canvas is red.

From the tutorial -
"In the beginning, you entered a value of 2 seconds in the ‘Properties’ dialog. Due to this, your canvas window (the one where you draw) got additional capabilities. There’s a grey time slider, for instance. You can click on it, and a small orange indicator will appear but nothing changes. This is because you need to switch to ‘Animate Editing Mode’ first by clicking the green dot just to the right of the grey time slider. You will note that your canvas gets a red outline; it reminds you that changes to your objects now affect your animation. "

Let us know how you get on,

D’oh! - I’ve read this thrice and I’ve failed for such a lousy reason - my own stupidity.

Thanks for your help - I will check this out tomorrow.

update: yepp, it works. :blush:

The answer to my second problem could have been found here

:slight_smile: Glad you figured it out.

Keep us posted on your experiments!