Not-so-new user sharing his first short video

Hey guys,

I’ve been diving into Synfig since this summer and I wanted to share my first ‘complete’ animation. unfortunately it’s in french (I live in Quebec city so I’m creating these videos for friends who speak french). Anyway, here it is, I’m looking forward to sharing more with you guys as it comes.

Keep up the great work on this wonderful program! …


Nice drawing … i guess you have import it from other software (because of the comics) … Inkscape ?
LipSync is quite well done … but head animation a bit robotic , do you know this tuto’ : Making headturn guides using Synfig

and other : … ead%20turn

Bonne continuation!

D.j.a.y. yes! All art was created in the dev version of inkscape and exported as sif files (except for the mouths, I had to use pngs because I ouldn’t figure out how to animate Synfig layers instead of .lst files pointing to pngs. I tried sif files, but with no success yet).

The heads are still clunky, indeed. Thanks for the links. I will check them out and improve the results for my next clip.