Not Safe! Series: stick figure animations using Synfig

I have a series of animations based on stickmen on strange situation, called “Not Safe!” ( ). I used to use Stykz, a frame based animation program, to make my videos. But in my recent animations, I used Synfig, as it improves the production process greatly.
I also use Gimp to make the scenarios, Audacity for the sound and Kdenlive to wrap everything up.

Mixer Man Trainee:
I think I have a problem…:
Santa brought me a plane: (this one has some issues and the fps is wrong, giving it a strange feel)

Hope you enjoy! :smiley:

They are nice. I just have one comment: the last episode has low contrast between the stickman and the background. It has to be improved.

Thanks for pointing that problem out. It is really something to pay attention to.