Hi There everyone…

Im new to this whole world of animation… But i find it extremely interesting. I have been doing photo editing and designs for a while (not profesional though)

I have done research on different kind of animation programs to see which would be the easiest and quickest to do animations in, and if i understand correctly, Synfig is it?

I have 2 Questions…

  1. Whats the reason most people use Ubunto Linux? I can understand that it is open source, but there has to be other reasons.
  2. What other software would you suggest using alongside Synfig?

And now i have a problem…

I have a tablet (Wacom - Bamboo Fun)

But it doesnt want to draw in Synfig… Any advise?

Thanks in advance, looking forward to joining the world of animations

Pencil, Blender, Audacity, Kdenlive

First please post your operating system and if the Wacom Bamboo works with other applications in your system. Second please report your Synfig Studio version and what exactly means “doesn’t want to draw in Synfig”.


I find Inkscape is also very useful with Synfig Studio.

In GNOME 3 tablet support has been greatly improved - you might want to try a Live CD of Fedora 15 and see if your tablet works with that.

Hi Genete thanks for your reply… I run windows xp and i have Synfig Studio 0.63.00. the tablet works in other programs but in Synfig it doesnt want to draw… i can scroll, use it as a mouse but when i touch the tip of the pen to the work area it does not do anything… nut yet when i go to another program it works 100%

Hi Dave3 what is GNOME 3 ?

Sorry, I was assuming you were already using Ubuntu. GNOME 3 is a desktop environment for Linux - it is used in the Fedora 15 Linux distro.

AniTer - Check this post. It may help your issue.


I’ve made that post sticky.