None Video Render setting works

I am a little bit into It and want to try animation. I tried every render settings for video but my pc dont think the exist other programms con export in mp4 … but this dont work. I know thats probibly my fault so could please someone tell me why I am dump. And yes I tried ffmpeg. I tried all of them. It would be really good to know why I am so god damm incompetend here a Screenshot of my Settings.

I run on Windows. Do I need to download another codec.
Thanks for explaining why I am dump besides my spelling mystakes. <3


Synfig by default renders mp4 videos with some weird color-encoding scheme (non-standard yuv or something like that). It is playable though, but not in default Windows player.

The easiest option is to install “smplayer” and play your mp4 files there. Alternative solution is to use “Shotcut” to convert your file to something Windows understands.

What do you think is the best option to export videos from Synfig, it don’t have to be MP4.

The best option is the mp4 with H.264 codec. It’s a modern standard and have the best quality/compression rate.

For YouTube videos I usually do the following:

  • Export animation from Synfig as mp4 with H.264/lossless
  • Import it into Shotcut, add sound, and after that export it from there as mp4 with 80% quality. After which you can play in standard Windows player and upload it to YouTube

Alternatively, you can export your video as Windows Media Video 2/wmv2 codec but I do not recommend it.

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