Noise when refresh an imported image layer.

I’m using Ubuntu 8.10 (amd64) in a recent quadcore intel machine. I have discovered a bug that I think I’m the only one I’m watching it.
To reproduce the bug you have to:

  1. Create a new file
  2. Caret Menu > Import. Select a png or jpeg image file.
  3. Select the Import Image Layer in the layer list and go to the parameter panel.
  4. Edit the gamma value and set it to be different than 1.0
    4.1) (Optional) Zoom in to trigger the tiled render.
  5. Press the Refresh button (curved blue arrow in the bottom right part of the main window) to re- render the image in the current window.

I obtain random noises on the tiles or in the whole image every time I press the refresh button or move the time cursor:

I suspect (I hope) that it is just a problem with the combination of 64 bits + Ubuntu 8.10 and Synfigstudio. I don’t want to think that it is a memory corruption because I would have fallen into more random crashes and I don’t have any recently.

So if someone that have Ubuntu 8.10 and or a 64 bit system and or can reproduce the bug, please let me know.

I have a 32 bit machine and I cannot reproduce the bug with Ubuntu 6.10 (BTW, I’m going to update as soon as I can)

I would like to confirm this bug before send it to the tracker because I’m not sure if it is reproducible in other machines or is a problem of my machine only.
Thanks a lot.

I also get this on an amd64 machine running recent SVN. I do not get it with 0.61.08 in an i386 chroot on the same machine.