No params menus with double click

I was going through the tutorial about layers. When I got to the part for using the params tab to change the blend method, I couldn’t continue. Double clicking and even single clicking on the blend method line does not produce a menu. I cannot get any menus from double clicking on any line in params.

Is there an alternate way to edit the parameters of items?
I am using the windows version on Vista.

Edit: I just tried this on my ubuntu machine as well. Still no drop down menu when double clicking on blend method. What gives?

Oh wow. I just figured it out. I’ve been double clicking the ‘blend method’ text. The tutorial just says “double click the entry” so it was a little vague. Didn’t know I had to click the text next to it, where it said ‘composite’.

Otherwise, a fairly clear tutorial written so far. :mrgreen: