No images between states


I’m new to Synfig and I’m following the manual step by step to get to know it. On “Animation Basics” it states:

However, when I try that, I do not get any intermediate new position besides those that I specified (0f=circle to the far left, 1s=circle to the far right, 2s=circle to the far left), and when I play my gif animation, it only jumps directly from one side to the other. Is that what is supposed to do or I’m missing something?

Thanks in advance!

Hi dailymatrix!

Probably you have selected Constant interpolation as the default interpolation method. Please verify what’s the shape of the waypoints created on the timeline for the circle’s Origin parameter. If they are like a red squared ‘S’ it is Constant interpolation and it behaves like it should. If the waypoints look different, please post the sifz file here and let us take a look.