Nice work H13N.H3N! … n-awesome/

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XD belive me when i say i had no idea i should be doing this and actually be recognized for it, but i should extend the credit to Genete and all the Synfig community, =D

also thanks for the post pixelgeek, and for the link, i had no idea Doctor Mo had a blog XD (and sorry for the late response, i just had time to check the news about Synfig RC2)

This one is complete, i made it for testing RC2 build of Synfig Studio:



i updated the creepy legs for something more natural jij, i wanted to upload the original but it says that extension is not allowed, i think it might be for the file size indeed.

Cool! - Scary legs!

yeep, something went wrong and actually bothers me, perhaps the movement, i haven’t figured out yet how i’ll make the movement more natural but i’ll leave the update for another day =P

Edit: Fixed those legs, i updated past post with the old gif, quite better isn’t it?

:slight_smile: Much better!