Hi everyone. My name is Rob and I am a retired Social Worker. I spend a lot of time at the keyboard and I have just recently discovered Synfig and Inkscape, and they really fascinate me. Although I became familiar with computers in the '70s, I haven’t pursued it as a profession in many years. Still, I have owned one computer or another since the days of the Radio Shack Color Computer, and computers have been a hobby for me for many years. I have always loved cartoons, and as a child I fantasized becoming a cartoonist. Since the invention of computer graphics (and I am old enough to remember it’s invention), I have enthusiastically enjoyed artworks and movies in which it is employed. I look forward to participating in this forum, for I have many questions, and I am interested in reading how you have solved your problems, and in participating in any way I can.

Hi Rob, welcome to the forums.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy Synfig Studio a lot. We’ll do our best to turn you into a master of Synfig solving your questions.