[newbie] Why I can not see object out of view port?


First, the dictionary: “viewport” the part of the workspace which will be visible as the animation … in other words “camera”
Second, motivation: I would like to create, short simple but impressive, promo video using Synfig (and some other tools available on linux), since my art skills are rather weak the promo video will comprise simple artworks (pictures) moving around. Moving in, moving out, around … together with good soundtrack, fx and lector it should give quite nice movie … at least this is the idea :wink:

But lets start simple … moving in and moving out … to move in I have to place an object outside of the viewport and move it into the viewport. Sound simple but when I place an object outside of the viewport I can not see it. it is there, I can select it, but I can not see it.
It may be a silly question, but it would be nice to see what “actors” are in action :wink:


By default they aren’t visible. You can add a zoom layer at top of your animation and scale everything down to make it visible outside the final viewport. Then at render time just disable that zoom layer. To make your life easier your can add a viewport outline on top if that and group it and link the zoom of the group with the amount of the zoom layer below. Then you can see whats outside the viewport during animation.

I didn’t get the part about grouping … but “transform/scale” layer and the black rectangle (background) which was also scaled down (and “define” the viewport) did a gread job.

Thanks a lot!