Newbie question regard splines

I drew a square, then a star, then I used the Link to Spline effect to get the star to move along the edge of the square. Then I dragged the square to another part of the canvas. Now, the star keeps moving in a square pattern, but it did not move to the other side of the canvas. If I disconnect and re-Link the star, it still moves in the original place, not the squares new location. It’s as if the spline is invisible and does actually move with the square. What am I missing?

If you translate the square by its origin the Link to BLine is broken. You need to translate the square geometry definition points to make the link to spline feature work properly.

How do I do that?

Use the Transformation tool (aka the mouse pointer icon):

  1. Select the Rectangle layer
  2. Drag a rectangle around the handles (they become highlighted)
  3. Click and drag one of them (the others follow)