Newbie question, how to set the canvas background colour


I am trying to setup my first animation. When starting with the canvas it is transparent (alpha = 0)
When starting the preview the background is grey. I have gone through the canvas preferences but am not able to find where to set the canvas background colour. How can i change this?


I don’t think there is such a thing as “canvas colour”, but you can add “solid color” (weirdly enough, it’s in “geometry” group) layer at the bottom and set colour there.

That worked, if i understood it correctly. I create a rectangle layer as the lowest layer and gave it a colour.

Still odd, the canvas is transparent and when rendering a movie the colour changes back to grey. When adding a canvas filling layer it uses this colour.


I think it’s just that preview can’t handle transparency or has default grey background instead of checker one to represent transparent results.