Newbie has problems with basic animation


I’m a musician and i would like to make animated videos for some of my songs ( )
Unfortunately i can’t figure out how basic animation works in synfig. Maybe my version (the one included in debian lenny, 0.61.08-3 ) is buggy?!

I read the animation basics tutorial at , but everytime i jump to a keyframe and edit the canvas, this also changes the canvas at the other keyframes. I get no animation, whatever I trie…

What am I doing wrong?

Did you switch to the animation mode? (using the button on the bottom right of the canvas)


Thank you very much!

I think that tutorial on the wiki isn’t very detailed, so I came upon this similar tutorial yesterday and has worked very well for me in explaining (visually) how to do a basic animation with a ball. Hope it’ll help you :slight_smile: